screaming-for-nothing: Do you still post stuff or are you off of tumblr, because I could really use advice from someone like you right now...

Just checked back on this blog, I’m really busy at school, but I will do my best to regularly check for questions asking for advice. However, I won’t be posting anything unless someone asks for advice on it.

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auroramylove-deactivated2012042: do you have a main blog?


If anyone’s interested in following it, here’s the link:

(don’t judge me, it’s a personal blog!)

Personal blog

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Accepted to Northeastern’s honors program

Not that it matters lol

Thanks for all the congratulatory remarks, you guys!

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My name is Matt, and I’M GOING TO PENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I honestly don’t see the need to keep this blog anonymous anymore, as I’ve decided which college I’m going to.
So when I checked the decision, I was at work. I was thinking “Great… I’ve had an awful day and this is just going to make it worse…” So I went over to my coworker’s desk, logged in, and saw a big “Congratulations!” and “Hurrah, Hurrah!” I literally jumped up out of my chair and screamed. It was honestly the happiest moment of my life. I had never experienced tears of joy before Friday. It was kind of odd, but enjoyable. It really felt like a dream. I thought something must have been wrong, like they actually meant to admit someone with the same name. 
I’m ranked 20/220 at a fairly mediocre high school, and I had four B’s on my transcript, so if you’re reading this and you’re thinking of applying to your dream school, DO IT. You never know what can happen.
I’m seriously so excited. I’m wondering what I should do with this blog now. Maybe it will just be a general Penn/college blog? I’ll continue to post, but I’m done with college applications and I’m so excited.
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Preparing for tomorrow…
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To any of my followers who are Columbia, Brown, or Cornell ED applicants

I wish you the best of luck tonight! I hope to see good things on my dash!

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Totally banged out the Northwestern supplement and half the Columbia short answers today.


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It’s official.

Decisions for Penn are coming out next Friday, December 9, at 5:00 PM EST.

I hate this feeling.

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780 on Bio M :)

Too bad the College Board screwed me over and sent the wrong scores for my free score report… -_-

Also, I’ve sent recommendations to UChicago THREE TIMES and they’re still missing them.

What the actual fuck?

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need to stop going on College Confidential.

That website is destroying me.

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